Tips on Buying a Private Cam Show
Of course, the main purpose of visiting a live cam site is to purchase private shows with the models there. Free chat can be fun to a point, but if you really want to see the good stuff (i.e. tits, pussy, masturbation, and more), you'll have to go private. Predictably, cam sites make buying a private show very easy to do but in this section we present you with some tips which can improve your private show experience and maximize your enjoyment.

  1. Chat with the camgirl before you go private.
    Chatting and flirting with the camgirl can get you "warmed up" (if you know what I mean) and put you more at ease with her if you're a bit nervous or inexperienced with live cams. It can also be quite fun. However, a more important reason for chatting with the babe beforehand is that it allows you to be certain that the camgirl is willing to do in private what you want to see (more details on this in #2).

  2. Be sure the camgirl will do what you want her to do in private.
    Before you start spending your credits or racking up private show charges, you should make sure that the camgirl you've selected will make you happy. Many cam sites make this a bit easier by listing the things (by keyword) that a particular model will do in a private show. This listing is usually found on the camgirl's Bio page or on her free chat page. Even so, it's a good idea to confirm that she will indeed do the things listed (does she get totally naked? will she masturbate? does she use toys?) and if you have something specific you want to see (for instance, anal penetration, roleplay, a special fetish) it's definitely smart to ask before you go private. Some chicks will give you a "I do everything in private, come and find out" type answer but most will tell you what they will and will not do in a private show. These are the smart girls who know a satisfied customer may return to check her out again. So, ask first, go private second.

  3. Have an idea of how long you want your private show to be before you go private.

  4. It's always smart to plan ahead of time about how much time or how many credits you want to use for a particular show. Some sites (usually the ones that use pre-purchased credits) will provide you with a timer telling you how much time you have left based on the credits currently in your account. Sites that are charging your credit card per minute usually won't have a timer so it's a good idea to have one of your own or at least keep an eye on your PC clock so you know how long your private show has lasted.

  5. Try to make the private show progress at your pace.
    Having determined how long you want to spend with a camgirl, try to direct the show so that things happen as quickly or as slowly as you'd like them to. Some camgirls make this easy, stripping down relatively quickly and complying to requests when you give them. Others may try to stretch things out a bit which typically still isn't that big of a deal. However, beware of some camgirls who try to delay the show length an unreasonable amount...I've had a couple of experiences where I was a few minutes into a private show and the camgirl had not even removed her bra despite repeated requests. Which brings me to #5...

  6. If you're not happy, leave right away.
    This one's pretty simple. You're paying for the show, so if you don't like what's going on, exit the private show. Of course, be polite and give the camgirl an opportunity to comply with your requests but if you're not happy or if you feel like you're just being strung along, there's no point in continuing IMO. There are plenty of camgirls out there who will give you a great show, will do it in a timely manner, and will respond obediently to your requests. Be sure to add camgirls like this whose shows you enjoyed to your Favorites (most cam sites offer this option) and visit them often.

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