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Cam Contacts Review
Price Range For Private Shows: $1.40/min - $3.00/min
Initial Cost For An Account: Free
Review Date: October 6, 2010 by Barrett

Cam Quality: 16/20
Camgirl Quantity: 20/20
Babe Factor: 18/20

Surfability: 8/10
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 16/20

Score: 87, SILVER

Cam Contacts Quick Facts

Cam Contacts Pros:
- Large amount of camgirls online
- Reasonable private show rates
- Lack of free video chat can increase quality of private shows (see review)
- Large amount of American camgirls
- Free $5 for private chats when you signup for an account

Cam Contacts Cons:
- No free video chat
- Quality can be variable (no advertised HD quality cams)

Cam Contacts Facts as of October 6, 2010:
Average Number of Available Camgirls: 800 camgirls online and available for live shows
Total Number of Camgirls in System: 75,000 total camgirls in system
Special Cam Features: audio, phone chat, Strip Hilo, model photo galleries, high speed connection
Camgirl Categories: 18 and 19 year olds, anal, asian, BBW, blondes, brunettes, college girls, couple sex, ebony, fetish, group sex, latina, lesbian sex, mature, pornstars, redheads, and more.

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Cam Contacts Review

Cam Contacts features an enormous archive of 75,000 camgirls with roughly 800 online and available. There are hotties from just about every country in the world here (including plenty of U.S. babes) waiting to please and entertain you on cam. The site is one of the first I've encountered that doesn't offer free video chat with the camgirls (just text) so I'm curious to see how that affects my selection process for going private. Let's head on over to Cam Contacts and take a look around...

Once you've arrived at the Cam Contacts main page, click the button in the center and sign yourself up for a totally free account (incidentally there are some interesting FAQ-like links in the menu below the Join Us button that you might want to check out as well). Once you've got your free Cam Contacts account (you also receive a free $5 to use on the site when you signup) and logged in, it's time to start exploring the site. Although there are some useful links down the lefthand side (a discussion forum and a chatroom, among other things), the main place you want to be is the Live Cams section and you can get there by clicking the Who Is Online Right Now? link in the center of the page.

Clicking through, you'll find yourself presented with the various categories of cam models available to you. They're initially divided up into Non-Adult, Adult Softcore, and Adult Hardcore. These broad categories then break things down further into sub-categories like Girls Home Alone, Couples, Fetish, Girl-Girl, Glamour Girls, and more. The Hardcore heading is a bit misleading as I usually think of hardcore being purely boy-girl sex but here it looks like they're using it more to denote just how explicit the camgirls in that section actually are. Couples are featured in the hardcore section as well but there are plenty of solo models too...I guess these chicks are more apt to strip totally down and masturbate (or more) whereas you might find some no-nude or, as they put it, "shy" girls who prefer to tease in the Adult Softcore section. There's also a video playback area which contains pre-recorded videos of camgirl performances...these still cost money but are much cheaper than the live shows (some as low as $0.20/minute).

Anyhow, under each of the large categories I just mentioned, they provide you with a sampling of the available Cam Contacts camgirls for that section and you can see the entire listing by clicking a link below their pictures. You'll be presented with a table showing you each girl...there's a thumbnail pic, links to access her free and paid chat, and symbols denoting any special cam features that particular girl offers (stuff like phone chat, audio, and Strip Hilo, which is a pay per minute strip card game). There's also a short blurb written by the camgirl and a link to her profile page. The profile page contains sample pics from the camgirl, her site email, and her personal forum where you can leave the babe a message. In addition to this stuff, there's an advanced search feature linked up in the lefthand menu...this allows you to search for a cam model based on age, sexual orientation, hair color, body type, ethnicity, language spoken, country of origin (this can be very useful if you're looking for an American girl, and they do have quite a few U.S. chicks here), and more.

As I mentioned, Cam Contacts does not offer free video chat. The only free chat available is textual; to see any live video of the girl at all, you must enter her private chat room and begin paying. This is kind of a bummer as it leaves you with only text chat, some profile info and a handful of sample pics to decide if you want to go private with the girl. It does have it's advantages though, most notably that it keeps the girls fresher and more enthusiastic for people actually purchasing private shows. Since the babes don't have to deal with being on cam constantly and chatting with anyone who stumbles into their room, this increases the quality of the private shows which is a good thing for paying customers. Text chat does give you the opportunity to confirm what the camgirl will do in private so you won't be disappointed when you actually start paying (although I did find several girls who didn't answer when I tried to talk in text chat and a couple who were so laboriously slow with their responses that I gave up).

If you want a private show with a camgirl, simply click the Videochat button next to her portrait or the View Live Chat link in her text chat. You'll be taken to a confirmation page where you'll be told how much a video chat with that camgirl will cost and there's a button down at the bottom to launch the VideoChat. Depending on the camgirl, there are a few possible types of shows. An "Open session" can involve multiple other users in addition to you and the camgirl. A "Private One2One session" is just what it sounds like: it's a private live cam chat between just you and the camgirl. You can also launch a Strip Hilo cam session which is one-on-one as well.

The prices vary depending on which type of show you choose but the fees per minute at Cam Contacts are generally quite reasonable. You can typically get an open session for as little as $1.00 a minute and the one-on-one shows, though more expensive than the open chats, are typically not much more than that ($1.40-$2.00/minute). Some camgirls go as high as $3.00/minute for an exclusive private show but they seemed to be in the minority. The Strip Hilo rate typically parallel the one-on-one exclusive chat cost. For some reason, one of the private chats I had was listed as being free and I was indeed NOT charged for it. Not sure if that's some kind of promo they do with certain girls, but hey I wasn't complaining.

Anyhow, the Cam Contacts private chat interface is similar to the text chat except of course the upper lefthand corner now displays the girl's cam feed. I didn't see any timer provided so you'll have to keep track of how much time (and money) you're spending with the camgirl. There is an End Session button right under the cam though so you can easily dump yourself out of the room at any time. You can also adjust the video screen size and control the audio (if available). Video quality is generally pretty good although I didn't notice any girls advertising HD quality (or even high quality) cams and some of the streams could definitely use an upgrade. On the other hand, some of the feeds looked sharp and's pretty much a mixed bag depending on the model.

I tried out shows from a few different categories and you'll get different results depending on which one the camgirl has placed herself in. Be sure to confirm in text chat beforehand what you're expecting to see. For instance, I had a brief show with a Russian girl in the "Girls Home Alone - A Little Shy" category which basically amounted to a sexy no-nude dance in lingerie. Camgirls in the "Girls Home Alone - Not So Shy" and "Girls Home Alone - Instant Action" sections are willing to get naked, masturbate, and play with toys...both camgirls I checked out were also willing to do anal insertions (both finger and toy) as well. Some of the camgirls do take their time about it though so be prepared to move them along with a quick kick in the virtual rear or spend a decent amount of money to see it all. The hottest show I had on Cam Contacts was with a babe from Montenegro (don't feel bad, I had to Wiki it as well--turns out it's in Eastern Europe) named HelenJonson. Incredible looking girl. Shows with 8teencutie and misshardcore (the only American girl I was able to check out) were nice as well although, of the three, 8teencutie was the only one that kept the pace to my fact, I think she was naked and masturbating within the first 20 seconds of private chat. The others were hot enough to warrant a little patience though, I suppose =)

Cam Contacts Bottom Line

Cam Contacts is a good live cam site with some pretty straightforward pros and cons. My biggest complaint was the lack of free video chat which made it difficult to preview the girls before taking them private. As I said in the review, the lack of free video chat can serve to improve the overall quality of the private chats (which of course is a big pro), but I found some girls were pretty unattentive to their text chat and being on cam would undoubtedly keep them more on the ball. Cam quality was variable but in general I didn't see anything really unwatchable and most cam feeds looked good. Also on the plus side, they've got a large archive of hot camgirls from all over the world here, including a large amount of American babes, and there are some nice search/sort features to help you find what you're looking for. In addition to receiving $5 free credit when you sign up for an account, Cam Contacts offers very reasonable rates for private low as $1.00/minute for most semi-private sessions and not more than $3.00/minute for exclusive chats. Overall, Cam Contacts is a very nice live cam site I'd recommend checking out.

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