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Cams At Home Review
Price Per Minute For Live Shows: $1.99/min - $4.99/min
Initial Cost For An Account: Free
Review Date: March 8, 2011 by Oz

Cam Quality: 16/20
Camgirl Quantity: 15/20
Babe Factor: 17/20

Surfability: 7/10
Value: 8/10
Overall Impression: 17/20

Score: 80, SILVER

Cams At Home Quick Facts

Cams At Home Pros:
- Lots of cool and unique cam features
- "Happy Hour" cam girls (50% off private show rates)
- Bidding feature allows you to negotiate with the camgirl for a lower price
- Voyeur cam house and special parties for the cam girls which you can spy on

Cams At Home Cons:
- Cam quality is typically just average
- Could use some more sorting/search options
- Few, if any, American models

Cams At Home Facts as of March 8, 2011:
Average Number of Available Camgirls: 30-50 camgirls online and available for live shows
Total Number of Camgirls in System: 10,000 total camgirls in system
Special Cam Features: free model photo galleries, cam-to-cam, audio, phone chat
Camgirl Categories: big tits, couple sex, group sex, lesbian sex

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Cams At Home Review

Today I'm checking out Cams At Home, a live cam site which offers up mainly foreign (Eastern European, Russian, and Filipino) cam girls and a number of cool and unique webcam and site features. Signing up for an account here is free and requires only an email address. Once you've registered and logged in, go ahead and start checking out what the site has to offer. The site as a whole has sort of an archaic look to it but it gets the job done I suppose. You'll see a listing of the available live models on the main and subsequent pages and the rest of the page contains tons of links devoted to sorting and search tools and other fun features the site offers. One thing I'd strongly suggest you do when you first arrive at Cams At Home is watch the "Take The Tour"'s the first box listed on the main page and will provide you with an excellent overview of the entire site including navigation, browsing features, how to buy a private show, additional bonus features and events, and much more. I'll touch briefly on most of the features offered here, but I'd still definitely recommend checking that tour video out.

The general setup here is a familiar one...the available cam girls are listed in a series of small boxes, typically with a live stream of their webcam, sometimes with simply a headshot or still photo. The boxes provide you with quite a bit of info including a member rating, flag icons to indicate what languages the girls speak (as always, the spoken language does not denote the cam girl's country of origin--most of the models here speak English but look to be Eastern European), and links to the model's email, home page, and more. Each cam girl's homepage contains their schedule, vital stats, their show specialities, erotic stories written by members for that cam girl, the model's email, and galleries of screencaps from some of the cam girl's past shows. The way the site divides up the cam girls seemed a bit confusing to me at first but I got the hang of things relatively quickly. Basically, they divide the camgirls up into broad categories: single girls, girl-girl and boy-girl couples, shemales, and groups. Within those categories are further divisions like big tits, pierced, shaved, tattoos, etc. Still, I'd definitely like to have some additional categories here...I didn't see any way to sort things out by age, ethnicity or hair color, for instance and those are pretty basic categories I think.

Checking out the camgirls' rooms, they've got a typical setup here. The model's live webcam stream is on the lefthand side and the chat window is on the right along with a listing of the members currently in the room. Around the window, you have a number of buttons. Of course, there's a button to go private with the cam girl as well as buttons to tip the girl (there's an individual and group tip section--group tips allow you to pool your resources with other members to get the cam girl to do something you want), view her homepage, and buy prepay minutes (essentially, you buy a block of time for a lower per minute rate). You can also activate your own webcam if you want the cam girl and/or other members to see you on cam (you can view other members cams as well). In addition, there are video controls: brightness, contrast, screen size and, in some cases, you can control the angle and zoom of the camera as well. A very cool feature is they have involves software thats' been put in place to quickly translate the posts in the chat room into a number of different languages. That definitely helps with the language barrier you'll find on a lot of live cam sites that feature a plethora of foreign models.

Another unique feature is the ability to bid on private time with the cam girl. There's a detailed explanation of this on the site so I won't bore you with too many specifics but basically, the bidding system allows you to "make an offer" which is less than the cam girl's typical per minute rate. You do need to purchase a block of time in order to do this; buying a larger block of time allows you to offer a lower per minute bid. The cam girl then has the ability to decline your offer and other members in the room have the chance to outbid you as well. As far as the cam feeds themselves, it looks like the vast majority of the cam girls have audio, although they seem to do more typing than talking. The cam quality varies a bit depending on the cam girl but most of the cams streams looked about average. I didn't see any cams that I'd call HD quality and the site doesn't label any as such either. I did see a couple of girls who had above average cams but they seemed to be in the distinct minority. On the plus side, the video streams are typically pretty smooth although some can take a little bit of time to initialize and load.

Browsing around, it looks like most of the private shows will run you $2.99-$4.99 per minute although a few girls I saw dipped as low as $1.99/minute. The site has a Happy Hour section where you'll find models who are currently offering 50% off their usual per minute rate. I'd recommend checking out those babes if you're looking for a deal...I believe the Happy Hour camgirls change periodically so you'll find different models offering Happy Hour rates at different times/days. Models in "Peep Show" rooms, allow you to peep in on their private shows already in progress for a greatly reduced rate (typically under $1 a minute). You'll be able to check out the action but there's no audio.

Going private is easy. Simply click the Go Private button above the cam girl's live'll then be shown a confirmation window where you can accept the price per minute charge, cancel your request, or Make An Offer as I detailed above. Once in the private show, the controls and options are very similar to the free chat. They do provide you with a running total of your virtual wallet so you can tell how much money you've spent and how much time you've got left and there's an End Session button which allows you to easily and quickly exit out of the private chat. Immediately after the show, you'll be able to rate your private show experience. I experienced two private shows here at Cams At Home and I enjoyed both. The babes were hot and sexy and did their best to make me happy. They weren't bored and seemed like they were into the show, stripping down quickly, masturbating, and orgasming (or at least pretending to) for me.

In addition to the individual cam girls, Cams At Home also offers a couple of other cool features. One is the Parties section. Every two weeks, the site throws a wild party for the girls and allows you to spy on all the action. The themes appear to vary...everything from girl-girl wrestling matches and topless Karaoke to bowling and sexy dessert making. As a registered member of the site, you can watch replays of the parties and view screencaps from past events in the Parties section. Another nice feature is the voyeur cam house. This is a large house in Amsterdam outfitted with tons of can spy on the girls everywhere in the house including the gym, bedroom, living area, bathroom, shower, and more. If you'd like to access this feature and see what the girls are up to, the easiest way is to click the "VOYEUR HOUSE" link from the pull-down "Find Your Model" menu and go from there.

Cams At Home Bottom Line

Cams At Home is a nice live cam site with some features that make it stand out and others that I'd like to see improved. On the plus side of things, they've got a nice selection of European babes and the Happy Hour feature which offers a 50% reduction in price per minute and the bidding option which lets you negotiate a lower rate with the cam girl can lead to some pretty sweet deals on private shows. The site also offers a voyeur cam house which hosts sexy themed parties for the cam girls which can definitely be fun to spy on. In the cons column, the site doesn't offer nearly as many sorting and search options as I'd like...being able to sort the girls by age, ethnicity, and country of origin would be great. Also, the cam quality could be bumped up...I'd like to see some HD quality cams added into the mix here. Overall, the Cams At Home has some fun features and discounts and is definitely worth a look for live cam fans.

Favorite Cams At Home Camgirls
Lovely Monique

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