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Home Cams Review
Price Range For Private Shows: $2.49/min - $5.99/min
Initial Cost For An Account: Free (see review for other membership options)
Review Date: October 8, 2010 by Barrett

Cam Quality: 18/20
Camgirl Quantity: 15/20
Babe Factor: 19/20

Surfability: 9/10
Value: 8/10
Overall Impression: 17/20

Score: 86, SILVER

Home Cams Quick Facts

Home Cams Pros:
- Large number of HD quality cams
- Nice amount of sort/search features
- Particularly hot camgirls

Home Cams Cons:
- Small amount of available camgirls
- Some camgirl's private show rates can be a bit pricey
- Very few American models

Home Cams Facts as of Octboer 8, 2010:
Average Number of Available Camgirls: 75 camgirls online and available for live shows
Total Number of Camgirls in System: 4,500 total camgirls in system
Special Cam Features: audio, HD quality cams, free video chat, cam to cam, model photo galleries
Camgirl Categories: 18 and 19 year olds, anal, asian, BBW, big tits, blondes, brunettes, college girls, couple sex, ebony, fetish, hairy pussy, latina, lesbian sex, mature, redheads, and more.

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Home Cams Review

Home Cams is a pretty new live cam site with a relatively small number of camgirls at present but some high quality cam feeds and excellent search/sort tools and cam features. The girls here also look to be a cut above the rest looks-wise...just browsing around I saw some real hotties here. However, there appear to be very few American girls (if any); the cam models are mainly European it seems. The site itself looks very nice and professional...it should be fun taking a look around.

As always, the first thing you'll want to do is register for a Home Cams account. They have a few different membership plans. You can get a standard lifetime membership for free or they offer two other options: you can pay $9.99 which gets you a lifetime membership plus up to 10 minutes of private show time or $39.99 for a lifetime membership and receive up to 35 minutes. The advantage of these last two is that the amount of minutes they're giving you would normally cost you more than the price you're paying (for instance, they say the $39.99 option is actually a $50 value).

Anyhow, once you've got your Home Cams account and have logged in, it's time to start checking out the camgirls. As I mentioned, Home Cams has less models than many of the other cam sites I've reviewed...around 4,500 registered and roughly 75 online and available. On the main and subsequent pages, the site lists the available models and, happily, provides you with a nice amount of sorting options. You can view all the girls online at that time, rank them from newest to oldest, alphabetically, or randomly shuffle them. They have some broad categories listed at the top of the page including Big Tits, Blonde, BBW, 18-20, Mistress, HD Cams, and more. There's a model index and advanced search feature as well which really lets you narrow things down quite a bit based on age, ethnicity, body type, hair color, languages spoken, show features (anal, foot fetish, masturbation, toys, etc.), etc. They also have special categories for their camgirls which I'm assuming are based on some kind of member rating...they separate the girls into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Top Models. I looked around a bit to try to determine exactly what the rankings meant but never did totally figure it out...the Top Models seem to be in the shortest supply, so I imagine they're the top-rated girls on the site with the popularity decreasing down to Diamond, then Gold, etc.

The Home Cams camgirls in each category are of course displayed the usual way with a small preview shot of the girl and links to enter her chat. You can also view her bio via a link on the portrait when you mouseover it and there's other info provided there as well (such as her age, whether the girl has an HD cam or is a Top Model, etc.). The bio pages here are actually quite extensive and contain a blurb written by the camgirl, user reviews of the babe, sample photos, and a listing of what the girl will and won't do in private and what toys and outfits she has available. Lots of useful info there. As I said, from the looks of things, most of the models are European...Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Czech Republic, and Poland were all countries I noticed as I was checking out various profiles.

Anyway, browsing around, some Home Cams girls offer free video chat while it looks like others require you to go private to see them. Once in a camgirl's free chat (if she offers it), you'll find the familiar setup with the babe's cam stream on the left and a text chat box on the right. You can adjust screen size and volume here and of course there's a link to take the girl private. It's not totally clear, but I'm fairly certain they have multiple types of shows. There are semi-private shows in which you share the camgirl with other users who have also purchased a show with her (I think these are called Member Chats). They also have private, exclusive shows with just you and the camgirl one-on-one. As expected, the semi-private shows typically cost less than the exclusive shows. They also have something called Themed Shows with featured models which look to be for multiple users and are quite a bit cheaper than normal shows.

For me, free chat was a bit boring because the camgirl's English is pretty limited most of the time..."hru bb" and "want to play hehe" are common phrases. Some camgirls are better than others of course, which I guess is the way it is everywhere. Anyhow, going private is easy. Once you click a link connecting you with a private or semi-private show, you'll be told how much the show will cost per minute and then you'll have to click an OK button to launch the show. The price per minute for private chat shows can vary quite a bit. Semi-private shows can sometimes be as low as $0.99-$1.99/minute while private shows can cost $3.99-$5.99/minute, with some girls a bit lower than that. It really depends on the camgirl; the $5.99 babes are typically the most popular (and hottest) Home Cams camgirls.

Once inside the private show, you'll have audio volume controls and be able to adjust the cam screen size as well as chat with the babe textually. You'll also be able to activate cam to cam (for free) if you have a webcam and want the camgirl to be able to see you too. They provide you with a timer as well so you can tell how much time you have left on your account. I had several private shows here and had a mix of experiences. The top models really know their shit...these girls are typically gorgeous Euro sluts and they definitely know how to get you off. They're enthusiastic, get naked, masturbate, and really seem to get into it...they look and act like those elegant (and slutty) European pornstars you often see on adult sites around the Net.

One super cute blonde (PureAngie) I saw looked like she was going to suck a big dick-shaped dildo all the way down her throat during her wild and sexy show. AnyaPassionXXX, who wasn't a top model but was very hot with a girl-next-door look, gave a great show with a vibrator, getting naked quickly, and fucking herself for the camera. A 22 year old blonde camgirl named TabbyyCat was incredibly cute and eager to please. She also gave a great masturbation show (fingering her pussy while sliding a dildo in and out of her tight asshole)...this chick had me wanting to bust a nut in under a minute. I did have a couple of camgirls who seemed to ignore requests or at least responded very slowly which caused me to end the session...at these prices, I want them obedient as hell LOL. If they're not, then see ya later. So, just be smart and find the gems here...those Top Models are well worth the pricetag IMO and you might want to check out the other girls I've recommended as well.

Home Cams Bottom Line

Home Cams is doing a lot of things right but there were definitely some hiccups here for me. The model database is on the small side by comparison to a lot of other sites so you're looking at a choice of maybe 75-90 girls online as opposed to 500-900 with some of the larger cam sites out there. The exclusive private chat rates can be a bit pricey but the models here do look to be the cream of the crop when it comes to live cam Euro whores. Also on the plus side, a high proportion of the babes have HD quality cams which of course greatly improves your viewing experience. Overall, I enjoyed the private shows I checked out and, although I had a couple of duds and typically prefer American models, the majority of the hotties at Home Cams seem to really know how to entertain and get you off. Take a look and see what ya think!

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