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I'm Live Review
Price Range For Private Shows: $0.98/min - $3.80/min
Initial Cost For An Account: Free
Review Date: October 10, 2010 by Barrett

Cam Quality: 17/20
Camgirl Quantity: 20/20
Babe Factor: 18/20

Surfability: 8/10
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 18/20

Score: 90, GOLD

I'm Live Quick Facts

I'm Live Pros:
- Large number of available camgirls
- Wide variety of fun and unique features and promotions
- Select models are bargain priced at $0.98/minute
- Hot camgirls

I'm Live Cons:
- Quality can be variable
- Server can be slow or unresponsive at times

I'm Live Facts as of October 10, 2010:
Average Number of Available Camgirls: 900 camgirls online and available for live shows
Total Number of Camgirls in System: 40,000 total camgirls in system
Special Cam Features: model photo galleries, free teaser vids, free video chat, audio, HD quality cams, high speed connection, cam-to-cam, HD quality cams, camera zoom, phone chat
Camgirl Categories: 18 and 19 year olds, asian, BBW, big tits, blondes, brunettes, college girls, couple sex, ebony, fetish, group sex, latina, lesbian sex, mature, pornstars, redheads, and more.

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I'm Live Review

I'm Live is an awesome live cam site that's a major player in the porn cam world...the site's been around for quite some time and features a large archive of 40,000+ registered models with around 900 online and available at any given time. The I'm Live girls are hot and come from all over the world (there's a nice amount of American women here in addition to Eastern European, Russian, Asian, etc.) and the site features a very large amount of very cool and unique features for it's members; I'll be going over these near the end of the review. I'm Live is a very large cam site and we've got quite a bit of ground to cover...let's dive right in!

I'm Live is one of the many live cam sites that allows you to register an account with their site completely free. So, you'll want to go ahead and do that right off the bat. From there, log yourself in and start exploring the site. The I'm Live main page contains a ton of different links so take your time and look around. I'm Live provides you with some very cool and handy features, promotions, and sorting/search options to maximize your live cam experience. In the center of the main page, you'll see the various cam model categories available to you. These start out broadly (Camgirls, Group Sex, Shemales, Hot Guys) and then refine things down from there (Girl Alone, Pornstars, Girl On Girl, Girl On Guy, and lots more). There's a keyword search feature up at the top of the page along with an advanced search with a whole shitload of criteria: whether the girl is online or offline, what features and promotions she participates in, age, ethnicity, hair color, body type, tit size, member rating, languages spoken, price, special features, and more. Simply check all the boxes you want and the I'm Live system will find you the ideal camgirl(s).

The free video chat setup is similar to most other cam sites. The camgirl's video stream is on the lefthand side with a text box where you can chat with her on the right. There are controls to adjust the screen size, audio volume, and video settings. You can also zoom the camera in and out. Going private is as easy as clicking the Enter Private Chat button...from there, a screen will pop up telling you the camgirl's price per minute. Some I'm Live camgirls offer discount codes (usually found in their description) and you can enter them here as well. Also, if you'd like to purchase a block of time for a discounted price per minute (either 30 or 60 minute blocks are available), you can do that too. Then, just click the Start Video Chat button and away you go. Most shows here cost around $2.00-$3.00 per minute, with some a bit higher than that (these are typically the most popular girls) and some as low as $0.98/minute (as I said, you can sort the models based on price using the advanced search function to find the bargains).

Once you've entered a private chat, you'll be presented with a similar setup to the free video chat display but with a few added features. Zoom, screen size, and video settings are still there but you also now have the ability to go cam to cam, record the private chat session, and take snapshots of the babe's cam feed. The video quality for both free and private chat pretty much varies depending on the camgirl. They do offer an option in the advanced search that lets you hone in on just the girls with high quality cams though, which is pretty handy. The high quality cams usually weigh in at a default size of 640 x 480 and look very nice...clear and sharp. The standard cams are usually 320 x 240 by default and some look quite nice while others could use a quality upgrade. I typically use the free video chat to preview what the babe's cam quality looks like before I go private.

It seems like they offer both semi-private (multiple users and the camgirl) and private shows (just you and the camgirl) but I'm not sure exactly how you choose between them. I do know that some of my I'm Live private shows had multiple people in them and some were just me and the camgirl...there only ever seemed to be one private chat option when I wanted to take a girl private though. Anyhow, I did enjoy the private shows I experienced at I'm Live. As usual, many of the girls are Eastern European or Russian but they do have a fair amount of Americans as well. All the chicks I took private were agreeable to my requests (of course, it's always a good idea to confirm what a girl will do in private beforehand) and although it always seems like the non-American models respond a bit quicker and, predictably, can communicate better, I didn't find any of the babes disagreeable or trying to waste my time. They stripped down upon request, masturbated, fingered their pussy and even asshole, and played with a toy or two. I've listed a few of my favorites at the bottom of the review but there are tons of great girls here at I'm Live, so take your time checking them out.

Lastly, there are some very unique and fun features (most of them subject to the particular cam model's participation) at I'm Live that I haven't seen at other cam sites so let me spend a little bit of time mentioning them:

Group Cam - This feature allows you to go private with two I'm Live camgirls at the same time for a hot online threesome.
Happy Hour - This is a special private chat that occurs with various I'm Live camgirls throughout the day for a very discounted rate.
Silver, Gold, and VIP member status - Your I'm Live member status is determined by how much credit you've bought as well as a point system...for instance, to become a Silver member, you need to have purchased I'm Live credit 4 times. Each level of member status gives you increased perks like free credits, bigger discounts, Discount Club (see below) vouchers, and much more.
Discount Clubs - Some I'm Live camgirls have Discount Clubs which give you discounts off of every private show (or pre-recorded show) you purchase with them. Signing up requires you to be at least a Silver member.
My Personal Card - Here you can fill out info about yourself and also upload a photo...the advantage to doing this is that the cam model can view your card and know exactly what you like and are looking for.
Mad Videos Competition - These are "wacky, silly, and sexy" videos made monthly by some of the I'm Live camgirls...you can vote on your favorites and earn the girls some prize money.
Around The House - These are I'm Live cams that focus on a specific area of the house...everywhere from the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen to the laundry room, home office, and shower is available here.
Live Viewer - From the I'm Live FAQ: "Live Viewer is a feature that lets you watch live video feeds direct from Hosts' Video Chat rooms. Watch hundreds of Hosts, six per page, and get a preview of what the Hosts can do for you. Although not a substitute for the real thrill of Video Chatting, Live Viewer lets you check out Hosts live in their rooms before deciding with whom you'd like to Video Chat". The coolest thing about this I'm Live feature is that you may catch a camgirl in a private chat or get a behind the scenes look at them getting ready to go on cam...it's a neat little "peephole" feature.
Hot Spots - These are featured I'm Live camgirls who are trying to standout from the crowd...they promise "quick and complete satisfaction right away!".
Pornstar Shows/Celbrity Events - I'm Live hosts live shows and video chats with many of the hottest pornstars in the business...you'll also find replays of past shows and events have been archived for you.

I'm Live Bottom Line

I'm Live is one of our favorite live cam sites here at QCS, and for good reason. They've got a large archive of both registered and available camgirls and a wide variety of looks, ehtnicities, and nationalities to choose from. Cam quality varies depending on the camgirl but there are plenty of high quality cams available and I definitely enjoyed the private chats I experienced here. The price per minute rates are typically pretty reasonable, including some babes who perform for as low as $1/minute. Plus, there are tons of really cool and unique cam features, promotions, and discounts available to you. If you're a live cam fan, I'm Live is a must-see!

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