JOYourSelf Review
Price Range For Private Shows: $0.98/min - $2.99/min
Initial Cost For An Account: Free
Review Date: October 4, 2010 by Barrett

Cam Quality: 17/20
Camgirl Quantity: 20/20
Babe Factor: 18/20

Surfability: 6/10
Value: 9/10
Overall Impression: 17/20

Score: 87, SILVER

JOYourSelf Quick Facts

JOYourSelf Pros:
- Large number of available camgirls
- Cheaper overall price per minute
- Bargain priced $0.98/minute live cam shows are available with select camgirls
- Nice amount of cam features

JOYourSelf Cons:
- Very limited search/sort features
- Mainly non-American models

JOYourSelf Facts as of October 4, 2010:
Average Number of Available Camgirls: 900 camgirls online and available for live shows
Total Number of Camgirls in System: 10,000 total camgirls in system
Special Cam Features: free video chat, cam to cam, model photo galleries, free teaser vids, audio, HD quality cams
Camgirl Categories: couple sex, fetish, lesbian sex, mature, and more.

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JOYourSelf Review

JOYourSelf is one of the newer but exceedingly popular live cam sites on the Net. They've got a large archive of camgirls here...around 10,000 total registered models are in the JOYourSelf database and there are typically around 900 or so online and available at peak times. Most look to be (non-American) studio models, but they definitely have an awesome array of hotties here to check out.

First off, sign up for a free JOYourSelf account and log yourself in. From there, you'll have a couple of "Enter" buttons to click through and then you'll be landed in the "Girls" section of the site where you'll see a big listing of all of the available babes in that category. Having reviewed other live cam sites that offer a shit load of categories and advanced search features, I was surprised to find very little of that here. Across the top of the page they break things up into Girls, Boys, Couples, Fetish/SM, Videos, and Matures[sic]. Other than that, there's not much in the way of sorting options. There's no way to find girls by boob size or body type, hair color or age, cam features or what they'll do on cam. They also advertise bargain priced $0.98/minute camgirls but I'm not sure how you'd find them other than just clicking around. They really need to bulk up the browse features here.

Anyhow, all you really get to assess the girls outside of free chat is a small preview thumbnail and small flags to tell you what language they speak. As usual, this doesn't necessarily indicate their country of origin as most girls display an American flag to indicate they speak English but aren't actually American. There is a bio page accessible from the free chat page which gives you some sample pics of the girl as well as some bio stats like age, height weight, breast size, etc. Clicking on through to the camgirl's live chat area, you'll be able to chat with her textually (and hear her audio, if she has it) as well as adjust the cam screen size and video settings. You can purchase a private show using the link at the top of the page. You'll be taken to a confirmation screen that will show you the number of credits per minute a show with that camgirl will cost you and below that will be the button to launch the show.

Private shows typically run $1.99-$2.99/minute which is quite cheap when compared to many other cam sites out there. Also, they offer a section of bargain priced models that do shows for .98 credits (basically $0.98) a minute so if you're on a budget, you may want to check those girls out (if you can find them). Also, if a babe is already in a private show with someone else you can take a "Sneak Peek" which gives you a brief glimpse of the show for 1 credit. Once in a private show, the interface is very similar to the free can adjust screen size and audio, take snapshots, activate cam to cam if you want the camgirl to be able to watch you too, etc. etc.

The girls are hot and generally agreeable to most requests. As always, if you're unsure about whether the camgirl will do something you specifically want to see, it's a good idea to ask her before you go private. Since these are mainly non-American models, conversation (in English, at least) can be a bit limited but since the point here is typically get the babe naked and fingering herself, this isn't too big of a deal. Overall, I enjoyed the private shows here at JOYourSelf quite a bit.

JOYourSelf Bottom Line

JOYourSelf is a very nice live cam site with a large amount of hot models (around 900 are typically online, which is great), high quality video streams, and some nice customizable cam features. In addition, their overall price per minute for private shows is quite cheap and they also offer a special selection of bargain priced models who will perform in private for only $0.98/minute. Besides the fact that most of the camgirls are non-American (which may or may not make a difference to you), my main complaint was with the lack of sorting and search features here. Adding an advanced search would really help you find what you're looking for faster. Other than that, this is a cool cam site...I'd definitely recommend giving JOYourSelf a look.

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