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Peek Shows Review
Price Range For Live Shows: $5.00/min - $6.00/min ("voyeur" shows are roughly $1/minute)
Initial Cost For An Account: Free
Review Date: October 14, 2010 by Barrett

Cam Quality: 16/20
Camgirl Quantity: 15/20
Babe Factor: 18/20

Surfability: 7/10
Value: 8/10
Overall Impression: 16/20

Score: 80, SILVER

Peek Shows Quick Facts

Peek Shows Pros:
- Voyeur chat can be had for only around $1.00/minute
- Nice amount of cam features and search tools
- Hot camgirls

Peek Shows Cons:
- Navigation can be confusing at times
- No HD cams
- Exclusive shows are pricey

Peek Shows Facts as of October 14, 2010:
Average Number of Available Camgirls: 70 camgirls online and available for live shows
Total Number of Camgirls in System: 5,000 total camgirls in system
Special Cam Features: free video chat, audio, model photo galleries (more explicit pics cost tokens), free teaser videos (more explicit vids cost tokens), cam to cam, phone chat
Camgirl Categories: asian, blondes, brunettes, college girls, ebony, latina, lesbian sex, mature, redheads, and more.

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Peek Shows Review

Today I'm checking out Peek Shows, one of the older and very well-established live cam sites on the Net. Peek Shows features a relatively small archive of babes available for your viewing pleasure (around 5,000 total registered and 70 online) but they look to be very hot European beauties so you should certainly be able to find a girl here who strikes your fancy. Membership at Peek Shows is totally free and the first thing you'll want to do upon arriving at the site is sign yourself up for an account. Once you've done so and logged in, you'll find yourself at the Peek Shows main page. It looks like they might be in between designs at the moment as the main page has a thoroughly modern look to it but the rest of the site, as I surfed around, looks to be rather dated.

Anyway, at the bottom of the main page, you'll see a listing of the camgirls currently online. The center of the page contains an ad to upgrade your membership to Premium. Premium membership is also free (although you need to provide a valid credit card, it won't be charged unless you purchase tokens) and offers you 25 free tokens when you signup. Tokens are of course what you use to purchase things on the site...typically live shows with the Peek Shows camgirls, but you can also use tokens to buy explicit photos and movies via the models' bio pages. The base cost per token is $1.19 but if you buy a larger quantity, they become cheaper individually. They also offer some promotions...for instance, they have a Happy Hour every Tuesday where tokens are 33% off 5-9AM and 5-9PM PST.

Back to navigation...the top of the Peek Shows main page is where you'll find a series of dropdown menus that can help you find your way around the site. The first menu item provides you with the choice of Live Nude Chat or Multi Mode Chat. Clicking Live Nude Chat puts you into a random girl's room and also provides you with a listing of the available online models, each with a small preview portrait. In this view, the girls are divided up based on the type of free chat they offer: Female Models (these camgirls will chat with guests and those who have an account, i.e. members), Members Only (these camgirls will free chat with you only if you have a Peek Shows account), Shows Only (these camgirls don't have free video chat and are only available for private shows), and Voyeur Only (these camgirls don't offer free video chat and are only available for Voyeur Shows--more on what those are in a sec). Multi Mode Chat is a pretty unique feature that allows you to view (and chat with) multiple girls at one time on the same page. You can view anywhere from 3 to 18 girls at once and also make selections to show only girls in private shows, only babes who offer voyeur shows or member chat, or simply have the system display girls at random.

The second option in the main menu provides you with several convenient ways to sort the Peek Shows camgirls. For instance, you can view all of the online camgirls, the top 10 (based on member rating) camgirls, the 10 newest camgirls on the site, and the "Model Of The Hour", among other things. You can also use this menu to view the models' bios (both of just the girls online or the entire model database). The bios provide you with the camgirl's schedule, bio stats and, if they're online, a preview of their free chat and a link to enter it.

By viewing all of the models bios at one time, I discovered a search feature which allowed me to sort the girls by age, height, weight, eye color, ethnicity, time zone, measurements, favorite position, cam schedule, and more. Some of the results returned in some categories were rather odd to me...for instance, the weight category displayed results for a weight listed as "mmm" and the ethnicity category featured such cryptic entries as "evropian", ":)", "you", "mixed", and three separate listings for white girls: caucasian/white, caucasion, and caucausian. Very strange; I guess they allow the girls to fill in those blanks on their profile which causes the weird entries. Overall, Peek Shows provides you with some good tools to find what you're looking for but sometimes they can be a bit hard to find or may leave you scratching your head in confusion once you have found them.

In any case, once you've found a Peek Shows camgirl that looks good to you, click on through to her free live chat. Here you'll see the girl's live cam feed in the upper lefthand corner of the screen with her profile info below that. The right side of the screen is where you'll be able to textually chat with the camgirl and the other viewers in the room. You can use the Online Models link at the top of the page to view the other models online without losing the live cam feed for the girl you're currently viewing (the online model listing will display over the chat window and mousing over the girl's portrait will give you a preview of her free chat feed). You can use the Settings button to change font and font color and adjust cam to cam settings along with a few other things.

As usual, the viewer chat in the camgirls' free areas made me fearful for the continuation of the human race as I saw comments such as "wood do nething to fuck wit u", "helo slut do u lvoe me", and classic gems like "show pusy" and "mmmm dik so hard bb". The camgirls themselves actually did pretty well chatting most of the time, even though I didn't see any that were American or British (most, if not all, look to be European) so their English skills must be relatively limited. One thing I noticed is that if you stay in free chat too long, you'll be kicked out. I think this doesn't happen if you're a Peek Shows Premium member. It's pretty simple to just hit Back and rejoin a room but it can still get annoying at times so it might be worth upgrading to Premium.

Of course, the free chat area is also where you can spend your tokens to purchase live shows with the camgirl. This is something you're definitely going to want to do if you want to see more than the camgirl simply sitting at her keyboard in a skimpy outfit. As I alluded to a bit earlier, there are a two different types of shows available: Private and Voyeur. The Voyeur Show option is only available if the camgirl is already in a Private Show. This option allows you to watch the camgirl's Private Show but you are unable to chat with her while you're doing it. The Private option lets you have the camgirl all to yourself, at least as far as chat and controlling the action is concerned, but others will be able to view your show by using the Voyeur function. The big advantage of the Voyeur Show over the Private Show is the price...all Private Shows cost 5 tokens per minute which can get pretty expensive pretty quick, while the Voyeur Shows are only 1 token per minute.

The Voyeur Show screen is quite large and can be bumped up to full-screen if you so choose. The Private Show interface also contains a chat window so the video window is quite a bit smaller by default but can also be bumped up to full-screen (by sacrificing the chat window). They provide you with a timer so you know how much time you have left based on your current credits and there's a big End Chat button so you can easily drop out of a show. The video quality in both free and private is a bit variable from camgirl to camgirl but most of the time it falls in the category of what I'd call "pretty good". They don't offer any HD cams at Peekshows as far as I could tell so most of the cams look pretty nice at original size but start to lose quality pretty rapidly when enlarged.

I checked out a bunch of Voyeur Shows and a few Private Shows while I was reviewing Peek Shows. If you're on a budget, the Voyeur Shows are of course the way to go, although it can be a bummer to not be able to direct the action or chat with the girl. You also have no idea what point the private show you're jumping into has progressed to...a couple times I got in apparently right at the beginning when the girl was still clothed while all the other times the babe was already totally naked, spread, and fingering herself or fucking herself with a toy (which prompted me to say, "sweeeeet!"). In my Private Shows, the most notable girl was a chick named "MarieNox". This babe is utterly gorgeous...19 years old, blonde, beautiful face, and an incredible body. Best of all, once in private she hardly wasted any time at all panning the camera back to reveal her completely shaved pussy, then selected a vibrator from her collection and, under my direction, slid it in and out of her twat while biting her cute little lower lip and writhing on the couch. Damn hot. If you check out one camgirl at Peek Shows, I'd make it this one.

Peekshows Bottom Line

Peek Shows is a solid live cam site with some ups and downs. The navigation on the site can be confusing at times...finding a girl to chat with isn't really a problem but some of the sorting features are a bit cryptic so honing in on a specific type of girl can get tedious. There aren't and HD cams available here so the cam quality is a bit below some of the newer sites I've reviewed recently like Streamate or Sexier. Exclusive live chats can get pretty pricey but the Voyeur chat option is very reasonable at around $1/minute and allows you to experience a private show at a bargain price. Also, and perhaps more importantly, the Euro cam sluts at Peekshows are often extremely hot and the private shows I experienced when reviewing the site were great. Have a look around Peek Shows, check out a show or two and see what you think!

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