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Sakura Live Review
Price Range For Live Shows: $4.00/min - $6.00/min
Initial Cost For An Account: $2.95 (gives you 10 points for live shows)
Review Date: November 4, 2010 by Barrett

Cam Quality: 18/20
Camgirl Quantity: 15/20
Babe Factor: 19/20

Surfability: 8/10
Value: 7/10
Overall Impression: 18/20

Score: 85, SILVER

Sakura Live Quick Facts

Sakura Live Pros:
- Site specializes specifically in Japanese girls
- Nice amount of cam girls online
- Very hot models
- Good quality cams

Sakura Live Cons:
- Can get pretty expensive
- No free text chat (cam girls understand very little English)

Sakura Live Facts as of November 4, 2010:
Average Number of Available Camgirls: 60-100+ camgirls online and available for live shows
Total Number of Camgirls in System: 20,000+ total camgirls in system
Special Cam Features: model photo galleries, audio, free video chat (no free text chat, however), cam to cam, 2-way audio, remote control toys, HD quality cams
Camgirl Categories: 18 and 19 year olds, asian, big tits, college girls, mature, and more.

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Sakura Live Review

Sakura Live is a cool live cam site that specializes pretty much exclusively in hot amateur Japanese babes broadcasting directly from their homes in Japan. From the looks of things, most of the girls are pretty young (18 to early 20's) but there are some 30-somethings here and there as well. Sakura Live features a large archive of 21,000+ cam girls with around 60-100+ online depending on the time of day you're checking out the site (the time difference in Japan makes the site's peak hours a bit different from many other live cam sites). After just an initial glance at the models, I could tell that they've got some incredibly hot girls here...if you like cute and sexy (and, according to the site, very submissive) Japanese babes, this is definitely the live cam site for you. Let's take a look around.

Upon arriving at the site, I'd advise you to sign yourself up for a Sakura Live account. This will only cost you $2.95 and will give you 10 points that you can put toward live camshows with the Sakura Live cam girls. The basic setup of the site is pretty straightforward. The main page contains portraits of all of the online cam girls. In addition to the girl's screen name, the portraits also give you some additional information. A notation above each picture tells you if the girl is available for a free preview or if she's already involved in a private show. There are also icons that let you know if the babe has audio, an HD quality cam, or if she has a vibrator for use in her private chats.

There's a search feature linked up at the top of the page and this allows you to sort the girls based on age, breast size, appearance (this one is sort of cryptic and includes such items as "Milf", "Conservative", "College", and "Barely Legal"), and Misc. (this category lets you select girls with audio, ones that have toys, or girls that are new to the site). The search feature is useful but the major glitch is that it doesn't allow you to exclude girls that aren't online. As a result, the search will usually return a giant list of names but you have no way of knowing if those girls are actually online until you click their pic. It'd be easier if they provided a selection in the search feature that allowed you to only include babes that are online or if, in the listings that the search returns, they provided an easy way to tell who's online and who's not (like a green light next to the name or something).

In any case, as I mentioned, they've definitely got plenty of cuties here. In fact, it was very tough to decide which girl I wanted to check out first...the girls are *that* hot. Once you do select a girl, you'll be taken to her free chat interface. The free preview here at Sakura Live is a bit different from other live cam sites I've checked out. First off, there's no textual chat although there is a free video feed (with no audio though) available. I've run into sites with only free text chat that require you to pay to see free video but never the other way around.

The other somewhat unique thing is that there's a ton of info provided for you in the free preview window. In addition, to the live video feed in the upper lefthand corner, you'll be provided with the model's sample photo galleries, her cam schedule, her profile stats (what part of Japan she's from, age, etc.), a selection of other cam girls you might enjoy, and links to purchase additional points. It's kind of a convenient one-stop-shop of Sakura Live info. The video quality is generally high here with smooth framerates and a clear webcam stream. They do have certain cams labeled as being HD although I'm not sure I'd classify them as such. Overall, the cam quality here beats out some sites I've checked out but doesn't compare to some of the HD cams I've seen on sites like Streamate, Webcams, and Flat Fee Cams.

Directly below the video feed is where you'll find the link to take the girl private. It's labeled "Chat" and I initially thought that was how you activated text chat for the room but it turns out that's the button that will start costing you points so be aware before you press it. The standard rate for live shows with the Sakura Live girls is typically 2 points or $4.00/minute. There are some additional options that will cost you a bit more. For instance, if you want the cam girl to be 1-on-1 with just you (as opposed to a semi-exclusive show where others can enter), it'll cost you a half point more. There's also something they call "Hand/Lip feature" which I think has something to do with closeups of certain bodyparts and this will run you an additional 1 point. For a straight-up semi-exclusive private show though, 2 points per minute seems to be consistently the base rate. Incidentally, I should mention that if you purchase points in larger quantity you'll get a better price per point rate.

Once you've clicked the "Chat" button, you'll be taken to the private chat interface. The girl's live feed is to the left and a textual chatbox is now available to the right. It quickly became apparent why the girls don't offer free textual chat...the girls' English is very limited and sometimes their typed responses even appear in Japanese characters. Luckily, most of the girls have audio and at least a rudimentary grasp of the language so when you're talking about getting naked and fucking themselves with toys, they have no problem understanding what you want.

Below the girl's video feed are several buttons to make modifications to the show. One is a Private Chat button which will convert things to an exclusive 1-on-1 show and make it impossible for any other Sakura Live members to join the action. In addition, you can convert things to 2-way chat (which I assume means cam to cam and 2-way audio) and there's also a button for that "Hand/Lip" show I was describing earlier. All of these add additional points onto your per minute rate (they tell you how many when you make the selection) so things can get pretty pricey in a hurry. Personally, I think they should let you make these show choices before you actually enter private chat as you may waste a minute or two figuring out if you want to upgrade or add to your show experience.

In any case, the shows themselves I loved. The Japanese cam girls couldn't be any cuter and they're very obedient. The babes I had shows with didn't waste any time responding to my requests to get naked and play with themselves. One of the coolest private chat features at Sakura Live is the remote control vibrator. If the cam girl has a pink vibrator icon next to her name, then she possesses one of these toys. Once she starts masturbating with it and you click the Remote Toy button, you'll be able to control the level of vibration in the toy (on a scale of 1 to 7). The girls really respond to this: writhing, moaning and screaming as you increase the sensation in their pussies. Of course, as with most everything here, using the remote vibe will cost you additional points per minute but it's definitely fun to make these Asian hotties squeal and squirm. Overall, the shows are great but you're likely to burn through your points pretty fast if you're not careful.

Sakura Live Bottom Line

If you're a fan of extremely cute Japanese girls, then Sakura Live is definitely the live cam site for you. They've got a great selection of babes to choose from and looks-wise, the girls could scarcely be hotter with adorable faces and tight petite bodies. The cam quality is generally quite good and they've got some nice cam features including cam to cam, 2-way audio, and my favorite: the remote control vibrator (that thing is damn fun!). The main con here is the shows at Sakura Live can get pretty pricey, particularly when you start adding on features to your basic semi-private show. Bottom line though, if cute and obedient Japanese babes performing on cam for you is your thing, you're going to want to check out what Sakura Live has to offer!

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