VSex Review
Price Per Minute For Live Shows: $1.99-$3.99/min for regular shows; $7.99/minute for VSex Machine shows
Initial Cost For An Account: Free (Premier Membership is $14.95/month)
Review Date: January 6, 2011 by Oz

Cam Quality: 17/20
Camgirl Quantity: 14/20
Babe Factor: 18/20

Surfability: 7/10
Value: 7/10
Overall Impression: 17/20

Score: 80, SILVER

VSex Quick Facts

VSex Pros:
- Offers a unique VSex Machine you can control and use to fuck cam girls
- VSex Machine cam girls are hot pornstars
- HD quality cams in VSex Machine rooms

VSex Cons:
- Vsex Machine shows are expensive
- Very few models with VSex machine online
- No sorting options

VSex Facts as of January 6, 2011:
Average Number of Available Camgirls: 250-350 camgirls online (only 1-2 camgirls with the VSex machine are available, however)
Special Cam Features: remote control toys (specifically, the VSex Machine which allows you to virtually fuck the cam girl), cam to cam, HD Quality Cams (in VSex Machine rooms), free video chat, audio
Camgirl Categories: None.

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VSex Review

The webcam site I'm checking out today has a very cool and unique gimmick. Here at VSex, select cam models allow you to assume control of special VSex fucking machines in their rooms. This allows you to use the machine to fuck the babes in various ways while you're in a private show with them. After your show, your fucking performance will be rated by the girl and the users with the best scores will be featured on the scoreboard main page for fun. You also get named ranks like "fluffer", "amateur", "playa", and "pimp"...progressing through these ranks also opens up some VIP features and discounts. VSex also features regular private camshows (sans fucking machine) but of course what sets the site apart is the inclusion of the VSex machine so I'll be spending most of my review talking about that.

Joining up at VSex is free and only requires inputting an email address. They also have a Premier Membership which costs $14.95/month and gives you a number of perks like bigger and bolder text in chat, unlimited free chat (regular members apparently have limitations placed on how many times they can sign in and how many days they can spend chatting and watching in free chat without ever buying credits, taking a model private, or tipping a model), the ability to watch your private shows on demand, and more. Anyhow, once you've registered for an account and logged in, you'll see all of the available girls listed on the main page, each with a preview pic. Unlike many live cam sites, they don't offer anything in the way of sorting options...you just have to page through the girls until one of them catches your eye. They do, however, separate out the VSex Machine girls from the regular cam girls.

When I was checking out the site, there were 200-300 girls online and available to chat. However, most of these girls do not feature the VSex machine. In fact, there's usually only 1 or maybe 2 girls online (and those in the late afternoon and evening hours) that offer the VSex machine option. These girls look to be more of the glamour pornstar type (as opposed to the amateur girl-next-door) and they do offer a schedule above the regular listings that tells you the days and times certain VSex machine girls will be online and available. The small amount of available machine babes can put them in high demand so if you want a private show, I'd recommend jumping right in and buying one or you might find yourself waiting for the chicks to get finished with their shows with other users.

The regular camgirls have a pretty typical setup with the girl's live video feed on the lefthand side and the chatbox on the right. There's are buttons to go private and cam to cam (it looks like going cam to cam even outside of a private show will cost you $0.99/minute). Most of the cam girls have audio and the cam quality varies. Some look quite good while others are average quality. I wouldn't call any of the cams I saw HD quality and none are labeled as such. No huge complaints quality-wise but nothing jaw dropping either. When it comes to cost, A private show with the regular girls will usually run you $3.49-$3.99/minute. I did see some girls that dipped down to $2.50 or even $1.99/minute but they seemed to be in the minority. Most of the cam girls also offer Voyeur pricing which means you can watch them in a private show for a reduced rate but not interact with them during it. This Voyeur mode applies to both the VSex Machine and standard rooms and the price is considerably less than the private show rate.

Anyhow, moving on to check out the VSex Machine side of things...as I mentioned, there are usually only one or two The VSex Machine has a number of controls and you manipulate them using a virtual remote control on the righthand side of the screen. The controls include Thrust (you can go fast or slow, forward and back), Twist (300 RPM's left or right), Angle (angles the toy up or down), and Vibrate (increases the intensity of the toy's vibration in the babe's pussy). They also have pre-set patterns if you want to just put the machine on auto-pilot instead of fucking the babe in manual mode.

I was able to try out one of the VSex Machine shows during this review and was immediately happy to find that, even in the free chat area, the cam quality was greatly improved from what I saw in the regular rooms. The cams in the VSex rooms look to be HD quality and look nice and clear. Sweet. The girls I watched were very chatty, flirty, and friendly in free chat and there was flashing and posing here and there, sometimes for tips and sometimes not. The private show itself was great fun and definitely a very unique experience compared to the typical type of show I'm used to receiving at a live cam site. The girls teased me for a bit with a slow striptease, then lubed up the machine's cock, slid it in her pussy and away we went. Definitely a fun way to spend an evening :) Some of the girls here also do anal and allow you to use the machine to fuck their assholes (damn, that'd be fun!) but I wasn't lucky enough to catch one of them online.

VSex Bottom Line

VSex is a fun site that offers users a very unique live cam experience. Taking control of the VSex machine and using it to fuck a mega-hot pornstar is definitely an experience not to be missed. My main complaints here are the high price for VSex machine shows and the small amount of available models equipped with the machine (usually only 1-2 at any given time). They do have a large archive of regular (i.e. non-machine) girls available and there are definitely a bunch of hotties here...the VSex Machine girls, in particular, are incredibly sexy pornstar knockouts. It's definitely worth signing up for a free account at VSex and checking things out...you may find the machine shows to be a bit pricey but there's no question you'll love the experience!

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