Webcams Review
Price Range For Live Shows: $1.99/min - $3.99/min
Initial Cost For An Account: Free
Review Date: October 28, 2010 by Barrett

Cam Quality: 18/20
Camgirl Quantity: 18/20
Babe Factor: 18/20

Surfability: 9/10
Value: 8/10
Overall Impression: 18/20

Score: 89, SILVER

Webcams Quick Facts

Webcams Pros:
- Large number of available cam girls
- Nice amount of real amateur (non-studio) camgirls (American and Canadian)
- Hot models
- Reasonable private chat rates
- Good quality cams overall

Webcams Cons:
- Cam quality can be a bit variable
- Premium videos and photos cost extra

Webcams Facts as of October 28, 2010:
Average Number of Available Camgirls: 200-300 camgirls online and available for live shows
Total Number of Camgirls in System: 65,000+ total camgirls in system
Special Cam Features: model pic galleries, cam to cam, audio, HD quality cams, free video chat
Camgirl Categories: 18 and 19 year olds, asian, BBW, big tits, blondes, brunettes, couple sex, ebony, group sex, latina, lesbian sex, mature, pornstars, redheads, and more.

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Webcams Review

With a kickass domain like Webcams, the site I'm reviewing today better be actually selling webcams or broadcasting live babes for our sexual amusement...thankfully, for the good of Quality Cam Sites, Webcams is engaged in the latter pursuit and, from the looks of things, doing a damn good job of it. The site features an enormous archive of 65,000+ registered models and there are quite a few online and available as well: typically 200-300 when I checked out the site out. Webcams also appears to have a very nice selection of exceptionally hot women. Just browsing around the online listings I saw plenty of cam girls I'd like to get to know better, if you know what I mean. Also, there looks to be a nice amount of real amateurs broadcasting from home and plenty of Americans/Canadians as well which is always a big plus in my book (Eastern European studio cam girls have never been my favorite). In addition, the site offers archives of "Premium" photos and videos for you to check out, but these do cost money to purchase and view. Anyhow, let's dive right in and check things out.

The first thing you should do is get yourself a Webcams account. It's free to sign up, although they do ask for your credit card information for age verification purposes (there's no actual charge for registering though). Having the free account will allow you to fully utilize the free part of the site. If you don't have an account, I found out that you'll be given only a limited amount of time to free chat with a cam girl before you'll be blocked from her room. There may be other penalties for not being registered as well but the free chat one is a biggie in my book. Once you've registered, go ahead and log-in and take a look around the site.

The setup here at Webcams is a familiar one. The main page presents you with portraits of the online and available models. Above each photo, you'll see the cam girl's screen name and age and there are also symbols to indicate if she has audio or a High Quality or HD cam (I'm not exactly sure what the difference is but they do have separate HQ and HD symbols). Mousing over the hottie's pic will also let you view her profile which has various bio stats, a Q&A, and free pics and vids of her (if available). Below the cam girl's portrait are links to chat with her. There are a few different options here depending on what the cam girl has decided her status will be. There are girls who offer free video (and textual) chat and there are girls who only offer private interact with those chicks at all, you'll have to start spending credits. Other girls have a "Request Chat" label which seems to mean they're logged in and online but not willing to have their rooms totally open to the public. You'll have to request permission to enter that girl's room.

At the top of the main page, you'll find all of the sorting options available to you. And, there are quite a few of them. They have all ethnicities and hair colors covered as well as offering separate categories for teens(18+) and mature cam girls. They have some specialty categories like pornstars, pregnant, tranny, and European girls and there are sections for couples and threesomes as well. In addition, you can sort things by girls that have high quality cams. There's a keyword search available too and the advanced search feature really lets you hone in on exactly what you're looking for by allowing you to simultaneously select from a number of criteria (hair color, eye color, age, build, ethnicity, member rating, and more). Overall, they've got plenty of user-friendly tools here at Webcams to help you find any kind of girl you might like.

Once you've found a girl you want to chat with and have entered her free chatroom, you'll find another pretty familiar setup. The girl's live feed is off the left and the textual chatbox is on the right. You have controls to adjust the audio and screen size and of course enter private chat. The cam quality here is actually quite good, although I can't say that I noticed a huge difference between the regular, HQ, and HD rooms (the variability is more from girl to girl regardless of the HG or HD label). The default screen size is pretty large and the framerate is smooth and the video quite clear at that size. The quality compares pretty favorably with Streamate and Flat Fee Cams (two of my favorites here at QCS as far as quality is concerned) although I think those two sites still have Webcams beat by a bit. Overall though, nice looking cams here.

When you're ready to take the chick of your choice into private chat, simply click one of the prominent Click Here To Enter Private Chat buttons and you'll be taken to a confirmation screen. There you'll be told how many credits per minute private chat with that particular cam girl will cost you and there'll be a button to confirm you want to proceed. Browsing around, it looks like the vast majority of cam girls at Webcams charge 2.99 credits per minute but I saw a few girls whose per minute rate dropped down to 1.99 or bumped up a bit to 3.99. The credits convert almost directly to dollars (30 credits for $29.99, etc.) so you're looking at a private chat range of $1.99-$3.99/minute which is relatively reasonable in comparison with other live cam sites out there.

Once in private chat, the interface is pretty much identical to the free area. You can adjust the screen size and audio and also go cam to cam if you have a webcam and would like the cam girl to be able to see you too. You can of course also chat textually with the cam girl in the chatbox to the right. The site displays your remaining credit balance up at the top of the screen so you can easily keep an eye on how much you're spending and there's a big End Chat button down at the bottom of the screen so you can close the session at any time.

I had a few great camshows at Webcams but I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you about my experience with Quinn69, a real amateur Canadian brunette in her late 20's with a cute face and a tight, smokin' hot, all-natural body. This babe is definitely the most unique and sexy cam girl I've come across thus far. Upon entering her room, I found her chatting away on her mic, calling the members in her room by their real first names, laughing, flirting, and talking about everything under the sun. This immediately peaked my curiosity as I'm used to bored looking girls staring at their screens and barely responding or trying to goad you into private as much as they can. First I just listened, then I started participating in the chat and I gotta tell you, this hottie is about as down-to-earth and "real" as they come. She considers many of the folks visiting her on the site to be her friends and she says she finds the lively conversation in her free chat area to be great foreplay.

Quinn69 (or Jesse, as she introduced herself) did give us periodic looks at her hot body clad in sexy black lingerie but I still wondered how you could dive into a private sex show from relatively non-sexual conversation. Well, as soon as I hit the private chat button, I wondered no more. Holy shit, fasten your seatbelts with this babe! Within seconds of starting the show, Jesse was naked except for fishnet thigh highs and had a finger in her pussy which she then held up dripping to the camera, proving how wet she was from her unique "foreplay". After licking her juices from her finger, she whipped out a vibrator and I was treated to the craziest, sexiest, most intense show I've had as Jesse writhed and moaned and dirty talked (she's particularly good at this) her way to an incredible real orgasm which had me blowing my load as well.

She wanted to chat after the show back in the free area insisting it was better to do it there than in private. How many times have you heard of a cam girl not wanting to keep you talking in private as the minutes tick by? I never have. Anyway, if you're the type of guy who spends your time in free chat making comments like "show pusy" or "u hot now show cunt" you might enjoy a show with Quinn69 but you will be missing out on the overall experience. But, if you love real amateur girls who truly enjoy interacting with you and honestly get off on performing for you live on cam, you definitely need to register at Webcams and check this babe out!

Webcams Bottom Line

Webcams is an excellent live cam site that's doing most everything right. They've got a large archive of very hot cam girls to check out and 200-300 online and available to chat at any given time. Webcams also features a nice amount of real amateurs broadcasting from home as opposed to paid studio models. The cam quality can be a bit variable at times but they do offer a large number of HQ and HD cams and overall the cam quality is good. In addition, the private chat rates here are typically a pretty reasonable $2.99/minute. I definitely enjoyed my shows here (as you could probably tell from my review LOL) and I'd highly recommend heading over to Webcams and treating yourself to some private chats!

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